Our values
The association is established as a part of a community in progress toward equity, the recognition of equal dignity of persons and people, and sustainability. Within this pathway, the activities of the association are focused on results, as well as on educational contribution, which is aimed at improving the ways with which the partners answer with new projects and in the frame of their regular activity to the challenges of sustainability and inclusion.

Legal form
The legal form as “association for social development” has been chosen to stress the perspective of public interest and the strict non-profit approach of the organisation.

Members competences and expertise
The association is composed by people having expertise in management of participatory process, project design and development, and evaluation. They are supported by young people, coming from different disciplinary backgrounds, who share the Associations’ approaches and mission. The development of competences and skills of young people, and their involvement in progressing relations with the public administration, are amongst the objectives of the Association.